Eat good, feel good.

Jaira Vidok - March 14 - 2 min read

We’ve all heard the expression you are what you eat. If that’s the case, I am made up entirely of sour patch kids, coffee, and sushi. In all seriousness, food is fuel, and what we put into our bodies does have an impact - on our brains, our energy, and of course, our health. In today’s world of convenience and fast food, it is way too easy to consume something in a package that doesn’t expire until 2030 (I’m talking to you, fellow sour patch kids lovers). I don’t know about you, but I definitely notice a difference when I’m running on caffeine as opposed to a wholesome, balanced meal. You can probably see where this is going. Time to talk about Canada’s Food Guide! Canada’s food experts recommend that half of our plates should be fruits and/or vegetables, a quarter of the plate should be protein foods, and another quarter for whole grains. In terms of drinks, water is always going to be the most hydrating for our bodies. The food guide mentions how it’s important to be mindful of our eating habits, including taking our time to eat and noticing when we’re hungry and full. Many of us are used to looking at a screen during mealtimes, but this is the definition of mindless eating. What if we took just half an hour out of our days to sit, be present, and pay attention when we’re eating? Another tip from the guide suggests eating meals with others. Food has always been something that connects us and brings us together. What a great way to enjoy each other’s company and share some quality time together. The website has a ton of great resources and information about each food group. I personally love the recipes and cooking skills section - there are so many delicious options and it’s a great place to browse when I’m looking for inspiration. Need some more inspo? Check out our latest TikTok for a super easy and yummy meal idea!

Does this mean I have to completely cut out sour patch kids?? Of course not. BUT, I know that eating according to Canada’s Food Guide is good for me, and ultimately, it makes me feel good too.