Finding Joy

Lava Najmdeen - October 14th 2022

Finding joy in the tiniest things in our life is an amazing step towards enjoying life. By this, I mean enjoying waking up early every morning and dressing up to rush to get to your school or workplace. Every task of our day adds meaning to it. It is impossible to live a problem-free life, as much as we all wish that existed, unfortunately, it doesn’t. Chaos, issues, and barriers will always be a part of our lives and therefore we must accept that and adapt to live accordingly. A huge step would be waking up with a positive spirit. The sun is shining regardless of everything so what is stopping you? Wake up and set that smile on your face. Yes, I agree, it isn’t easy at times. Maybe you are dealing with some family issues, relationship ones, academic challenges or work difficulties and such.

However, you should realize that every day is a new beginning, a new mission and a new hunt so put on that smile and fight your way through.

Moreover, surround yourself with happy people. Well, what do I mean by happy people, people who aren’t facing any issues in their daily lives? No, every single human being is going through something, but some just decide to keep it private, some decide to be optimistic and try their best not to be gloomy and those are the happy people. Those who take everything positively or just try to turn the cons into pros and not just view it with a completely opaque black view. Being surrounded by such people gives you positive energy. Seeing failure as getting a step closer to success is how you should be reacting to every rejection or obstacle you face rather than seeing it as a complete disaster failure. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by people dripping with negative energy, you will automatically feel gloomy and sad.