Get to Bed!

Adnan Sami - September 30th 2022


That’s something we often overlook. We’re probably up late studying, or watching movies, or reading a page turner, ignoring such a crucial part of our life.

It’s not just something that makes you feel fresh in the morning.

Sleep is intricately woven with good health and our everyday well being.

For starters, you probably know that sleep helps you learn better. That’s because during sleep, memories are transferred from your short term memory to long term memory, so you remember stuff you learnt the night before better.

Moving to immunity, especially in our times with COVID and all, if you don’t get a good sleep, you could lose as much as seventy percent of your natural killer cells, which destroy “bad” cells in your body.

So, stop whatever you’re doing at midnight (unless it’s super important, obviously) and get that eight hour sleep!

Source: TED talk by Dr. Matthew Walker “Sleep is Your Superpower”