Let’s Be Honest…

Mira Patel - February 28th 2022

There is a lot of pressure that we all deal with. Some of which may be due to external circumstances. We try to focus on how these external circumstances may be damaging us and try to fix them. However, In these efforts, we may be forgetting that sometimes the heaviest thing that weighs us down may be the pressure we put on ourselves. No matter how much you try to withstand the external pressure, there remains an ongoing battle with our internal burdens.

We generally think to ourselves about how the world makes us feel. We think about how someone else makes us feel or how we wish someone might make us feel. All while forgetting to ask — let alone answer — the most important question: How do we make ourselves feel?

So sometimes, we are the ones who may be inflicting the most damage to ourselves. Blaming our circumstances or the people around us will never give us the answer we seek. This is due to the fundamental incapability to change everyone around us. We can, however, change how we choose to treat ourselves. We all need to work on this in our own ways. Some of us are too hard on ourselves to the point we are draining our souls. Whereas some of us aren’t pushing ourselves hard enough to fulfill our full potential. The answer lies in being honest and promising to stay true to yourself.

Honesty is not only the answer to all your problems, but it is a way to live life through a more realistic lens. When we are dishonest, we deceive ourselves and develop fake narratives about ourselves, which would not exist if we were honest. The first step to growing is acceptance. In order to become a better version of yourself, you must first see yourself for who you really are in the present. This way, you can assess your strengths and weaknesses to reach your goals. We can flourish and grow to our fullest potential because we know exactly what we are working with. Being honest with yourself does not mean only admitting to all your flaws. We must also equally work to find strength through our own unique qualities. This will bring us to the healthy stage of self-love that is required to attain self-support and confidence to reach our goals. You are never comparing yourself to anyone except who you were yesterday. So if you do not really know who you are, then you will find it difficult to measure your personal progress.

Always remember that perfection is never truly attainable. This explains why there will always be times when we notice our own flaws, but honesty can lead us to accept ourselves for who we are. Acceptance is not a limitation on your growth. Accepting that you will never be perfect does not pose a threat to your progress. Try to commit to always trying to become a better version of yourself and love yourself along the journey of this self-improvement. This honesty can go a long way and even let you find a break from seeking that external stability. Sometimes you can have a whole group of personal cheerleaders, but if you are not cheering for yourself, then it doesn’t make the full impact you are seeking. There might be some surprising benefits to your life by practicing self-honesty, developing self-love, and attaining acceptance with who you are. You’ll find that you have the support you were missing all along because you are now your own cheerleader too!