Vanika Kwatra - October 19th 2020 - 2 min read

Brilliant Minds,

I am a police officer… at least that’s where my open-mindedness leads me to. Everyone has dreams; to fulfill those dreams, one needs to consider new options. New choices may pilot you to the following:

1. NEW OPPORTUNITIES- One gets to learn more about the world and themselves, including their strengths and weaknesses.

2. CONFIDENCE- One feels more confident. As we say, “small-small things bring happiness and smiles in life,” which leads to self-confidence.

3. DEVELOPMENT - If one is open to adapt to the things that are out of their comfort zone. For instance, if something is not done according to your expectations, it might hurt your goals and aspirations, but it helps grow and shape one’s thinking if one is broad-minded.

I was an art student who took psychology in high school and university. Like many students, I struggled with my courses and was not ready to take any courses outside of my chosen field. Most of the time, all the introductory art courses were full, which stressed me out. In my second semester, the courses I wanted to take were filled. I had very little choice, so I took economics and math with my psychology major. As I started taking new courses, I decided to try out criminology. This was the course that made me think of becoming a police officer. My first criminology instructor was an RCMP officer. She worked in the force for a few years. The stories she shared fascinated me, and every time, I wanted to hear more and know more.

Now, I know I want to build my career in law enforcement. If I hadn’t taken that risk and been more open-minded in my university career, I would have never discovered my love for criminology... Who knows, maybe open-mindedness will lead me down a different career path later in life.