Dourra Assani - July 9th 2020 - 2 min read

Hello, bright minds!

We hope you are enjoying these hot summer days, having fun and staying safe. In today's blog post, we decided to bring a little bit of positivity to your lives. Sometimes, even the strongest and the most motivated people go through a difficult challenge, experience an unsuccessful project, or feel slightly down. We all have those ups and downs, and it's normal to be disappointed when we don't get the results we want. Here are four common sentences that might go through your mind when you are feeling unsuccessful. Along with each of the negative sentences, we have replaced them with a positive sentence you should use instead. This will help bring some more positivity to your life!

Do not say: I wasted my time.👎 Instead say: It was enriching.👍 You didn't make it to the soccer team, but remember all the new friends you made at the tryout. You didn't get to be the team captain of the football team, but look at how much you have improved by training. When you don't get the results you want, think about everything you gained along the way.

Do not say: I am not good enough.👎 Instead say: It's amazing that I am able to try.👍 Think about it: if you weren't a fantastic writer already, you would've never entered that writing competition. The simple fact that you are able to aim for something means that you're already incredible!

Do not say: I should've never tried.👎 Instead say: I am glad I tried, it brought me so far up!👍 Look back and think about where you were before you tried and where you are now. You grew, you improved, you discovered a lot about yourself. Be proud of it because it's also an achievement! Do not say: It is not meant for me.👎 Instead say: I am good enough and now that I've tried once, I will be better the next time.👍 Nothing is impossible when you put the right amount of work and know-how to be patient. Not getting that A on the first math test doesn't mean you're not good at math. Learn from your mistake and try differently.

And don't forget, it's not about giving up. Sometimes you have to redirect yourself on a better path. You will be surprised to discover that your plan B should've always been your plan A. Wherever you are, we hope that this message will bring a smile on your face and some courage to your heart. Take care of yourself!

The Team