Stress who?

Jewel Anne Naicker - August 21st 2020 - 2 min read

Hi Brilliant Minds!

You know they say stress reveals your true self (which may not always be your best self). But never fear - the HYM team is here to calm your nerves and give you some tips on how to stay on top of your game and be your best even when the world seems like it's closing in.

Exercise: Yes, you may not have time but sacrificing half an hour or so to work up a sweat will make you utilize the rest of your time effectively. Alright alright… you want to hear the technical stuff - say no more. Stress releases hormones that increase your memory capacity in the portion of the brain responsible for memory.

Elephant: This seemingly impossible task you are dealing with that is causing you stress should be broken down. If you are writing an essay, set aside a day for research, and maybe a day to write each paragraph. You will be done in a jiff. Don't forget to write down your plan of action. When you're stressed thinking about what you're going to be doing might be more stressful than actually doing it. Break down the Elephant.

TTYL: emphasis on the first T. Talk. Talk about what is stressing you out. Get it off your chest. Ask for advice. Many people deal with the same problem differently so go out there and pick brains, and learn how others approach difficult situations.

Ask for help. It is a strength to acknowledge your weaknesses in order to fill in the gaps.

Getting in the much needed Zzz: This goes without saying but getting in your naps and eating healthy can play a role in preventing 'burn out'. Staying up until 4am on YouTube may not be the wisest choice when you're feeling stressed.

Take a break. Set aside an hour a day to do whatever calms you down. Read a book or go for a stroll. While doing so, don't think about the tasks on your To Do list.

We hope this will help you conquer the world. Give these tips a try and leave a comment if you tried it out because stress is so last season.

Good vibes from us to you. HYM Team.