Help Young Minds - June 25th 2020 - 1 min read

This blog was created to allow us to accompany you along your academic journey. Being students ourselves, we know very well some of the challenges students face in high school and how the transition to university can be overwhelming. This blog was designed to provide some advice, tools, and ideas to make this journey more pleasant. We will do our best to advise on avoiding the stress, organizing a schedule, making the most of the day, and much more based on our own experience. We welcome you to contact us if there is any subject, topic, or question that you have in mind. Every day is a journey; we continue to learn and understand that, and not everybody works and organizes themselves the same way. However, we hope that our little tools will somehow help you find the best methods that work for you. Every one of you is smart and brilliant, and we genuinely hope that this blog will be helpful.

The Team