Jewel Anne Naicker - December 25th 2020 - 3 min read

Merry Xmas Young Minds!

So I know this is super late but I have been thinking... I have been hearing this narrative going around that "Christmas is Cancelled," Covid is the Grinch and we are the people of Whoville.

But... This year the HYM Team and Community wants to change the narrative by telling you why Christmas is NOT cancelled. I asked the HYM team and a couple of friends to answer this very simple question, "Why is Christmas NOT cancelled?"

Let's see what they had to say:

"Although Christmas this year is different than expected, it’s also a moment to be grateful for what we do have. It can be hard adjusting to this new normal for many but this might also be the opportunity to take on new traditions and make the best of what we have! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Stay healthy and stay safe." - Valerie (HYM President)


"Throughout the year we have been faced with a pandemic nobody knew how to fight. In the end, doesn't matter what the challenges are, family and friends will always come together to love and cherish the year that we were given. In the end, we will always come together to enjoy life." - Kristian (A friend)


“Yes, you can’t have your big in-person Christmas exchange and dinner with your friends and family. Yes, you can’t go to the mall and gift shop. Yes, you can’t go out much in general. I personally believe that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost over the years. As are most holidays, Christmas has been commercialized by corporations and we’re forced to think it’s all about presents and the treats. Social media and society as a whole have taught us that if you give a gift, you get a gift... that giving a gift is the only way to show your love and appreciation for someone. Despite not being able to spend time with your family this year, as a whole, Christmas is a time to think about all the people you love and be grateful for all that you have... such as good health, a roof over your head, a social circle that is there to support you, and many other things. You may not be able to give your loved one a hug or a present to express your appreciation but words over zoom are a lot more meaningful in my opinion. When you’re old, are you going to look back and remember the candle that your friend bought you? No. You’re going to remember the kind words they tell you! The spirit of Christmas is still here this year. You can still celebrate via zoom and FaceTime!" - Denise (HYM External Director)


"Christmas is about enjoying the company of your family. It is about relaxation, celebration, and having fun! The cheer we collectively feel this time of year is not due to the partying or gathering with large groups of people. It’s is more about connecting with the people you are closest with. I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying this holiday season!" - Jezlyn (A friend and blog writer for HYM)


Our blog writer Vanika sent in a picture of how she is celebrating Christmas. And yes, this is truly what Christmas is about laughter and love.


"Christmas is a time for counting our blessings together or apart. This time of year is dreary for some and in these times we need to look at Christmas as a rebirth and reset of ourselves where we reflect on the past and use it as fuel to push us forward. I like to think of Christmas as a time for giving and I like to think that every day is a day to give, so to me, Christmas is every day. The Christmas spirit is always there we just needed Covid to take away all the frills and shine a light on the real true meaning of Christmas." - Me

Let's capture the spirit of Christmas together... While apart :)

Jewel's Mum (Which is her pseudonym) :) leaves you with this rendition of Alan Jackson's song called "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"

Have a holly jolly Christmas

And when you Zoom down the street

Say hello to friends you know

And everyone you Google Meet.